Quality and speed of preparation

Borgo Carni MF is specialized in the production and distribution of beef, pork and sheep meat, as well as hamburgers. We have a wide range of products able to meet the needs of retail, large retail chains and HORECA (Hotel/ Restaurant/ Catering) customers, thanks to quality modern technologies used for preparation and packaging, and logistics always attentive to customer needs.

The range of products is flanked by the exclusive line of fine cuts of scottona branded La Nobile, for the most demanding customers.

Borgo Carni MF produces and distributes a wide range of beef, pork and sheep meat able to meet the needs of retail, large retail chains, HORECA and industrial clients. An offer where the passion for taste and quality goes hand in hand with modern technologies and careful logistics.
The experience developed, over decades ago, by Borgo Carni MF is an excellent partner for product, logistics and storage solutions.
Over time, the company has specialized in the processing of beef, pork and sheep meat and in the production and packaging of anatomical vacuum-packedcuts both fresh and frozen – a wide selection for every need.

The wide range of frozen and portioned products using I.Q.F. technology includes, in addition to hamburgers, also pork and sheep cuts.

I.Q.F. Technology. Individually Quick Frozen technology is the most innovative individual freezing technique that ensures the highest quality of frozen products that can be cooked directly, without the need for defrosting. The speed of preparation and the possibility of going directly from the freezer to cooking, makes this technology particularly appreciated by the consumer.


La Nobile

Only the best cuts, able to enhance all the characteristics of our meats, become “La Nobile”

“La Nobile” is the new brand created by the long and knowledgeable family tradition of Borgo Carni MF to guarantee the excellence of the best meats, superior and tasty like those of the past, with the assurance of continuous checks along the entire supply chain. Only the best young female cattle that have never had gestation, become “La Nobile”, fine cuts of scottona. The combination of selected breeds and controlled nutrition, mainly based on corn, is the basis for the quality of “La Nobile” meat. The best selected meats with a delicate but intense flavor, tasty and juicy thanks to the optimal marbling.



We prepare and pack daily the best cuts for both large-scale retailers and distribution


(Hotel / Restaurant / Catering)

“La Nobile” is specialized in the preparation and distribution of the best anatomical cuts of scottona in the Ho.Re.Ca sector.



From today, it is possible to conveniently receive the best Scottona “La Nobile” cuts at home:  shop online in our store.