Tradition and Modern Soul

The Borgo Carni MF company has its roots in the tradition of the Martinelli family that, for 3 generations, has specialized in the production and processing of meat from beef, pork and sheep which it produces and imports from the principal /main European countries.

Thanks to a collaboration in partnership with producers, the company is able to directly control the animal supply chain from breeding at the farm until the time of processing at the Buggiano plant in the heart of Tuscany. The commitment to the care and continuous selection of the best cuts of meats, combined with the constant attention to the needs of customers, has allowed Borgo Carni. MF to grow and become, today, an important partner in international markets. It has gained the trust of its customers by ensuring maximum availability to meet their needs – starting from the quality of the product.

The Buggiano plant in the heart of Tuscany, using the best technologies, prepares both traditional anatomical cuts vacuum-packed in shrink wrap and a retail line of meat with its skin, in a wide assortment, for every need. In recent years, the company has developed a wide range of frozen and portioned IQF products including hamburgers and cuts of pork and sheep meat .

Behind the retro design of the Buggiano plant, an original expression of the architecture of the 1960s, the decade in which the activity began, we find a modern soul with an internal structure mainly in steel, equipped with the the most recent innovations in terms of production machinery and software for quality control and traceability.

The Borgo Carni MF company covers an area of about 8,000 square meters with a ……. of 3,000 square meters and up to 1,500 square meters of refrigeration cells. In addition, at the plant a platform of services are available, including the loading and unloading of both sides of meat /boned meat and packaged meat with relative storage and picking/selection.

The logistics, managed by our dedicated office, deals with /handles any type of request at a national and international level using a fleet of company owned vehicles and collaborations with the most important specialized companies.

Borgo Carni is part of the Consortium Chianina PGI
Since 2006, Borgo Carni MF has produced and distributed a brand of selected and guaranteed products that are identified by the brand name “La Nobile”

Precious cuts of Scottona

La Nobile is the brand that since 2006 identifies the best and most valuable cuts of heifer.